Plant Sale and Garden Faire


995) Our school had our annual plant sale this weekend. I volunteered to help out. Even though the weather was disagreeable it is always gratifying to hear that the school has successfully raised funds. Indeed we did.

996) On the way home from dropping my kids off at school this morning, I saw three plant sale signs that were still up. We reused our signs this year (from our previous year) so I stopped and got them and will deliver them to the rightful person who can store them until next year.

Mitzvah received: Last night around 9:30pm, I received a call from another school mom. She was so excited to tell me that she had seen on the school district website that my daughter’s video submission on “A Day in the Life of Colonial Girls” had been chosen as a finalist for the Signal to Noise Moving Image Media Festival awards.  The ceremony will be held next week. What a wonderful way to hear good news!


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