Spotlight on Spreading Joy Corporation – Race for Matching Grant


Marie Wikle contacted me about 6 months after I started my blog. She is the founder of Spreading Joy Corporation. SJC was created as a non profit whose soul mission is dedicated to remind others of the joy of giving. Marie realized that many people will not “give” because they believe that what they have to offer will not make a difference. She is determined to help remind them that each person is completely capable or Spreading Joy and making a difference in this world.

She encourages people to do one act of kindness a day. Every action effects others and whether it is a hug to a coworker who is going through a rough time  or a $100 financial contribution. Both make such a difference and one isn’t more or less important  than the other.

As a native of Charlotte, North Carolina she is aware of the immense poverty of the inner city children in Charlotte and wants to help these children. Her other goal is to help battered women in her community. Her non profit hopes to help and provide choices for the under served in her community.

Marie is a testament that even when you have your own struggles giving back can help get you through. This has been a tough year for her own family with the economy and her daughter’s medical diagnosis. Yet this morning I received an email that she has just received a $10,000 matching grant to help towards their Back2 School project. Helping local school children with ENTIRE book bags filled with the necessary school supplies. She has 48 hours to achieve her goal. She is asking folks to give just $10 towards this goal. Here is the link: (if the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste into your browser).

I think Marie and I have become friends because like Gandi says we both believe that we can be the change.


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