A ride to the airport

This past week, my family and I have been the recipients of several wonderful offers when we needed rides to the airport. When a ride to the airport occurs at an early hour like 5 or 6 am and a friend offers to drive you – it is certainly considered going out of their way to assist you.

In addition, when someone spends more than a half an hour driving you to the airport, I think that is considered a significant gift of their time. Last week, an acquaintance did just that by offering to take me to get some lunch and then drive me to the San Jose airport from Berkeley, California more than an hour drive away. He introduced me to Cafe Gratitude which he assumed I would like considering my mitzvah project. He was right it was a unique and special place, which they tell me might be moving to the Portland area sometime. Perhaps this shout out letting them know we would LOVE them here might help! Not only did our lunch and drive allow us to have some time connecting and getting to know each other, we got so busy talking that we missed the first exit to the airport.

The benefits as I see them when you offer someone a ride to or from the airport.

You connect with someone in a meaningful way.

You save someone the hassle of a taxi ride through unfamiliar locations.

You save them money.

I am sure there are others too. These are all wonderful ways to show someone you care about them and certainly a more personal way to travel than in taxis and shuttles. If you know someone who needs a ride to the airport this week or this month, perhaps you can offer them a ride.  You might be surprised how this simple mitzvah makes both of you feel.

If you’re home tomorrow morning, check out my segment on AM Northwest at 9 am. Come celebrate at my book launch on Wednesday night, November 2nd at Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing at 7pm. I’ll happily sign your book.


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