This weeks mitzvahs… a learning experience!

I thought with the long summer nights I would have more time to write but apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case. Luckily paper and pen help me keep track of the mitzvahs so I can blog them. I have one story and one observation this week.

363) Attended a great local community event and sought out the organizer to say thank you and tell you how much fun the kids and I had.

364) Swung by the school to check on class lists and picked up some trash in the driveway.

365) Sent some magazines and a book to a friend on bedrest who lives out of town.

366) Contributed to a Bar/Bat mitzvah project some children in our community are doing.

367) Donated to our local police department when the called for their annual fundraiser.

368) Connected an acquaintance going through a divorce with a life coach I thought could help.

369) Called a colleague who is leaving DSFO to wish her good luck.

370) Offered sunscreen to a mom whose son was at soccer camp with my kids since she had forgotten to bring hers.

371) Called a client to thank her for her patronage.

372) Sent home a gift with a client to say thank you.

373) I wasn’t sure if this was a mitzvah since it was my mistake but after discussing it with my husband he felt it was one. At the end of our camp last week I looked through the lost and found and found one of my daughter’s sweatshirts. I got home and a few days later while folding the laundry realized I had 2 of those sweatshirts. I looked in the tag and found the name and phone number to the child the sweatshirt belonged to. I called the mom and apologized. She was so happy and grateful that I had called and came by to pick it up today.

374) This one counts as giving and receiving. Our school was the recipient of some special gifts since we had agreed to do the fundraising again with that same company. I was suppose to order these gifts for the school. I called one of my friends who works at the school to see what people might need. She took the catalog and figured out what would help several of the specialists at the school and returned it to me having helped me do my job!

Finally, here is my observation and a learning. I have been swimming the last several weeks at a neighborhood pool. I try to go before 7am so there are less people there and I can have a lane all to myself. I find this time to be so spiritual and healing. A couple of weeks ago a gal came after I had been in the pool for about 20 minutes and asked if we could share the lane. I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t immediately say sure that would be great. I hesitated and looked around to see if there were other lanes that she might go to besides mine. I had been completely lost in my own thoughts that morning and wasn’t wanting to share the space. I unfortunately don’t remember what she looked like but I decided after that morning to NEVER do that again. It was rude and disrespectful and who am I to not openly share a public pool. I was embarrassed by my behavior but have tried to make it right by going out of my way to ask each time since then if someone needs to share a lane to come and join me.


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