A shared mitzvah…

447) Volunteered through DSFO.

448) Brought an item for our raffle today.

449) Volunteered in my son’s classroom.

450) Sent a thank you note to two people who helped me on our recent Entertainment book fundraiser.

451) Called a friend back in a timely manner who was looking for information about something.

452) I also have two stories to share. Yesterday, my mom and I attended a matinee to celebrate my upcoming birthday. It was a great play and we had a fun time together. When I was waiting in the car for my mom after the play was over I saw a young woman probably early 20’s with a dog who was asking for money. I am never sure what the right thing to do when people ask for money, but all I could think about was I have just spent $25 to see a play and how grateful I was for the opportunity to do that. I gave her some money and was even thinking about giving her my banana that I had brought for lunch but hadn’t eaten. My mom commented about it so we talked for several minutes about how lucky we really are and that was why I wanted to give back to this girl.

453) Today, I attended my women’s networking group. We had two incredible speakers who had written a book about mothers and daughters. After I purchased a copy of the book,  the waitress whom I have seen several times at our luncheons, said she really wanted to listen but couldn’t because she was working.  I went back to the speakers and asked if I might be able to buy another book to give to her. They offered to gift her one and even autographed it. The look on her face when I handed her the book was awesome. She said she would read it during her break and thanked me. This evening my son said this was definitely a mitzvah but again my daughter said it wasn’t since I hadn’t paid for the book myself.

454) Volunteered a second time in my son’s classroom this week.

455) Called a friend recovering from an illness.

456) Gave a client/friend a small thank you gift.

457) Picked up some trash in the school parking lot.

Finally, I received two wonderful mitzvahs this week. The first was when the speaker told me I was exactly the kind of audience she likes to have right in the front, engaged, nodding and smiling. Also, received an email from an acquaintance thanking me for my choices after my father had died. It had inspired her and she was able to do the same this year when her own father died. She told me I had done a mitzvah and hadn’t even realized it.


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